Hi, there!

My name is Chantal and I am so happy that you found herprettybravesoul!

I’m assuming you stumbled upon my website because you decided to ditch your 9-5 to have more freedom and to become an entrepreneur. That is awesome and you rock. Another scenario might be that at the moment you may still be working at your 9-5 nonetheless and it turns out more and more that taking steps into the life as an entrepreneur can be quite overwhelming and I couldn`t agree more with you! Your house is a mess, the kids need to get dressed, the dog wants to go outside and all of a sudden the day has gone by. But most importantly it has not gotten forward with your business because you are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to go on. That is where I will step in. I am a certified commercial assistant and office management assistant who doesn’t plan on working in the corporate world for the rest of her life.

But how can you benefit from me you wonder?
The answer is simple: I have always had a broad interest in a variety of things. These things all lead me to my skills that I am offering you.

For example I caught my interest in photography when I got my first digital camera in 2009. With this camera, I documented my exchange year in the USA. I also tested my waters in the dropshipping business via Shopify and WooCommerce. However, it turned out that this wasn’t really working for me. On the brighter side, I can happily announce that I can handle your e-commerce business with ease. As a college student, I had little side gigs here and there in which I wrote articles for hotels and online shops. At the moment I also run the facebook page of a German family education center. Furthermore, before I started my business as a VA I was running two blogs on WordPress.

As you can tell, I have a lot of skills to offer. I only mentioned a few of them above. Whether you need someone for your social media appearances, an administrative assistant, someone who does some designing or a helping hand with your e-commerce or maybe you need help in all four cases I got your back and I would love to help you! Ideally, you run a (small) female-owned business or non-profit.

Find out down below what exactly I offer in each field.



Social Media Assistant

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn let me set them up for you. Care about your followers and their needs but don`t have the time to engage with them? I would love to take over the tasks and connect with your followers. But there’s more than just that!

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Administrative Assistant

Your schedule is packed and you don’t have the time to write a blog post nor the time to respond to your e-mails? Why don’t you delegate these tasks to me? I can help you with that! I also do a lot of other administrative work.

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You are more into numbers and the like but don’t really have the patience or time to create Pinterest pins, printables or brochures? That’s okay. We can’t all enjoy the same things! Find out what else this package offers.

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You started your e-commerce business and the products you offer are winning products? Let me process the orders for you and handle customer service so you can focus more on expanding your business! Processing the orders and handling customer service is just the beginning!

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Looking for other services? Let’s get in touch to see what else I could do for you!