Is your small business or non profit looking for a Social Media Assistant? Or maybe you need help with your blog? Find out below which services I offer as a Social Media Assistant.


Social Media Assistant_herprettybravesoul.com_Photo Courtesy: demetrius_washingto

Setting up social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, LinkedIn

Monitoring wall

Managing administrative tasks in Facebook groups

Sharing content

Enganging with followers

Pinning Pinterest pins on relevant (group) boards

Uploading blog posts

Answering inquieries such as possible collaborations

Possibly setting up with collaborations that match your interests

Maintaining group discussions

Creating editorial plan

Planning posts

Planning giveaways

Researching trends

Creating Facebook Ads


You can’t find the right service or a service you are missing is not on the list but you are still considering my help? Message me so we can find out how else I could help you.