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Mental Health

You Are Loved


„You are loved“. Words you sometimes have to keep reminding yourself of. You are loved. You are loved by your family, your friends, by people you don’t even know that you are important to them. Are you even aware of that? Am I even aware of that? I think that we take these very important […]

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Raising Awareness On Post Partum Depression

The following guest post is from Haley by adventuresofsouthernmotherhood.com Haley is a 20 year old college student and single mother. Her blog focuses on anything she’s is passionate about like saving money, makeup, college but also helping other mothers. This is her story: “Post partum depression is a topic that not many people understand unless […]

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Love Yourself Like You Love Your Friends

Tiffany is a former math teacher and SAHM who loves finding good deals!  She and her husband, who is an engineer, work together on The Crazy Shopping Cart.  They enjoy spending time with their family, geeking out over sci-fi together, and saving money. Jesus Christ taught that the second great commandment is to love your […]

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