You feel like administrative tasks are boring you or you simply don’t want to deal with them? That’s great! Because I would love to take over the tasks that you don’t like doing or that overwhelm you. Find out below how I could help you.


Administrative Assistant_herprettybravesoul.com_Photo Courtesy:georgia-de-lotz-

Optimizing existing content

Uploading and formatting existing posts

Translating your documents from DE<->ENG

Responding to e-mails

Organizing e-mail account

Researching keywords

Organizing calender

Making appointments

Sourcing photos

Brand advocacy

Booking travels, accomodations or cars

Shopping online for you


Data entry

Facebook group admin

Setting up WordPress website

Sending out invitations

Writing business letters

Optimizing SEO



You can’t find the right service or a service you are missing is not on the list but you are still considering my help? Message me so we can find out how else I could help you.