Sacha is a single mother to her beautiful daughter, Rebekah. She is a Christian mum blogger with a background in psychology helping and encouraging other single mothers such as herself on her blog Raising Rebekah. Sasha is also a freelance writer for Apples of Gold. You can find more of me at:  raisingrebekah

Postpartum Depression: This Too Shall Pass

Imagine this. You spent 9 months carrying your child inside of you, experiencing it grow, feeling it kick, hiccup and squirm around, and hearing its heartbeat through ultrasounds. Finally, after the 9 months have passed, that special moment arrives, you give birth to your baby and get to officially meet them for the first time. So many different emotions are expressed and felt, various thoughts flooding your mind, as you get to hold and touch and feel your baby in your arms, up against your chest. Their head is pressed against your heart. You are loving every minute of that moment.

You then get to take your baby home after experiencing its first few days of life with you outside the womb. Things are hectic. You lose sleep. You constantly are drained, because you are so preoccupied solely focusing on feeding, settling and comforting your newborn baby. It starts to get overwhelming and you suddenly feel sad, depressed even. You want to so badly savor every moment with your newborn baby and enjoy your time with them but you just feel so down and out of it. They’re constantly feeding and sleeping, hardly up for long to truly play and connect with you. You know they’re only so young, and this time will pass, they will slowly start to wake up in the world and seek more attention and interactions from you.

You then start to miss them being inside of you because it was so much easier. You were able to protect them, and nurture them. You loved the way they kicked and moved around inside you. You didn’t ever want them to come out. I had these feelings towards the end of my pregnancy with my daughter. Let me tell you it was tough, especially having to come to the realization that sooner or later she was going to come out. I specifically remember being in the car one evening going out to dinner and having this moment to myself where I finally realized that my baby inside of me is going to come out soon and everything was going to change. It was scary. I was crying. Pregnancy hormones suck.


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These depressing thoughts and feelings are experienced by so many mothers, myself included. I so badly just wanted to feel happy with my daughter, after she was born, but most of the time I felt so tired, and stressed and sad. I wanted to only feel joy and comfort when holding her, instead of feeling so upset with her no longer being inside of me. This is postpartum depression. This was how it started for me. And I am sure this is how it begins for many other mothers too.

Thankfully, these thoughts and feelings don’t always last long. The best saying to stick by is “this too shall pass”, because it will. Everything in life happens for a reason. We are in control of our thoughts and emotions. If you ever feel this way after having a baby, then the best advice I can provide, besides speaking to your husband, or family, or friends you can trust, is to cherish every moment that passes by with your newborn, regardless of how exhausted you are, and sore you feel, and sad you are too, because you brought life into this world, and you love that little one more than anything else because you knew them from the very beginning. You felt them grow inside of you. Their life and everything about them brings joy to your day. One step at a time. One moment at a time. One day at a time.

Post Partum Depression: This Too Shall Pass

Change your mindset. Understand and realize that you now have certain responsibilities for your child. Protect them. Love them. Cherish them. It may sound hard now to do or to even think about, but trust me on this one. Time truly flies by. My daughter is already 10 months old as I am writing this and I feel like it has been almost a complete blur. Do not let these hormones or negative emotions control the time and experiences you have with your precious little gift. This too shall pass.

Dear Sacha, thank you for sharing your story with us. Like you said “Post Partum Depression: This Too Shall Pass”. You are a strong woman and mother. You got this.