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Guest Post from Jo & Leisa On Why They Are Frugal

Jo and Leisa are frugal lifestyle bloggers at The girls are teachers and authors who hail from the sandy shores of Jamaica originally. They now live in Birmingham, England where they are raising their two awesome teenagers. Connect with them on one of their many platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest

Jo&Leisa Frugal

I’m Not Tight, I’m merely Frugal

I love being frugal but I hate being called tight.Tight people just scrimp and save with no aim or purpose. Not me. I’m frugal but I love some of the finer things in life. For example I love travelling, I love certain brands and I like treating myself every now and again to a fine dining experience.

Tight people do things like:

    • Refusing to buy ketchup and other condiments and prefer to steal and use the sachets from fast food restaurants.
    • Wear shoes that are well past their ‘use by date’ which might have holes.
    • Wear multiple layers instead of putting the heating on (even when their health is at risk)
    • Stay in public buildings to avoid being at home in the warmth.
    • Collect rain water to shower with.
    • Re-use tissue
    • Avoid personal care in order to save on soap, shower gel etc..

Yuk, some of these are downright nasty.

I on the other hand, take carefully thought out steps to ensure that I do not waste money, so that that saved money can be used wisely for whatever I choose. Although I am not economically challenged, I do like to save. If I can avoid overspending I do. Non essentials, I don’t buy. When I have enough savings, I treat myself to an all-inclusive holiday to somewhere exotic like Jamaica. I get to ‘live the life’ and not have to worry about repaying a loan, which is what a lot of people have to do after each holiday they take.

I don’t regularly go to a salon to shampoo my hair because it is too expensive and it is something I can easily do for myself at home. If however, I have a special occasion to attend then I let a beautician give my hair that special look that is worth saving up for.

I shop around for the best mobile phone deals, landline deals, car and home insurance deals and I also try to get the best deal on broadband and tv packages. Why? Because I can. Why pay more if I can pay less? I don’t understand people for example, who pay for hundreds of tv channels when they are hardly ever home to watch any, anyway.



Photo Courtesy: Arthava Deote

Meal planning is an essential part of my family’s lifestyle. It does help me with many aspects of my life and also allows me to save. When meals are planned, I know exactly what I need to get for my shopping and I don’t go buying with no plan in mind, because then the food gets binned and I see that as my money being binned.

As an eco- warrior, I also think it is my responsibility to look after this earth and the resources on it. So for example I try to avoid buying goods that are excessively packaged. I plant my own vegetables, enrich my garden soil from compost I make and dutifully sort waste for recycling. After all, I do think we have a finite amount of resources and I also think we have a duty to care for what we have, so that there is some left for those coming after us. I am that responsible.

So when I am called tight, I really don’t like it! Frugal I am. Tight I am not!
What do you think?

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