Traveling on a budget is what I’m going to be talking about today. To be honest: If I could I would travel all the time. There are so many places I want to explore.

The Phillippines, Peru, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and so much more. But unless you are super rich, are born with a golden spoon in your mouth or live off of Instagram, youtube or other social media platforms the truth is that you can’t really do all the traveling you want. I mean I’m sure that you somehow can. If so, please let a broke girl know!

On a brighter note, I do have a trip planned for this year so I shouldn’t complain. However, I will be traveling on a budget. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one traveling on a budget. So let me share my personal tips for you!

Traveling On A Budget

How You Can Do It Too

Fly off-season

This might be easier said than done. But if you depend on specific holiday times like summer time or winter time because you have kids, go to school or whatever the case is you might be stuck with flying during the season. During these times a plane ticket to the US all of a sudden will cost you up to a € 1,000 instead of just 300 bucks. So whenever you can fly off-season.

Buy plane tickets on a Thursday

“Why should I buy my plane ticket on a Thursday?” you might think. The answer is simple. That’s usually the day when airline companies offer special deals and discounts.

Can we just enjoy this view up on Montserrat in Barcelona, Spain?! I’m hoping to go back one day.

Choose a weekday

Yet again. The answer is very simple. During the week, there are most likely fewer people traveling since they are at work or whatsoever. People tend to have more time on the weekends, or just want to get away on a weekend. That’s when prices will rise. I made the experience once while flying to NYC. I flew on a Wednesday and had on both of my flights on the way to NYC the rows to myself!! Who needs first class, when you can have a whole row to yourself?!

Be flexible with your dates

Chances are that if you are flexible with your dates that you will get better offers. Meaning if you can’t fly on the 23rd why not choose the 22nd instead?

Look into other options rather than a hotel

In the past, I made great experiences with Couchsurfing. I used it once when I went to London. My friend and I had really nice hosts and we lived pretty close to the city center. For free. In London. The hosts were really nice, too. They offered us food, gave us their spare keys, invited us to go out with their friends. I can definitely recommend Couchsurfing.

If you don’t want that I recommend looking into Airbnb but I’m sure you probably knew about that already


Another option I can recommend is booking your accommodation in a hostel. I did that many times before and I just like meeting different people from different parts of the world. So far I only had good experiences with the hostels I went too. Just this one time when another friend and I had booked our sleeping arrangements in a hostel in Berlin there was this kind of creepy guy. But that was because apparently a girl slept in his bed and he was confused by that.

Don’t eat out
If you really want to go explore a certain restaurant because everyone is talking about it then sure, go ahead and do that. But don’t eat out daily. You can easily get your food from a local supermarket. Plus, you’ll get fresh food and if you live in a hostel or booked your accommodation through Airbnb you can cook up your own meal!

Look for free things to do before-hand

In my previous post “Free things to do in NYC” I already went into detail about freetoursbyfoot. If I were you, I would check if that website also offers something in the city that you are going to explore next.


Pro Tip

Clear your cookies whenever you start a new search. Your computer is smart. It saves your cookies and will give you either the same deals or even more expensive deals. But if you clear your cookies it’s like you erase the memory of your computer a bit and it will forget about the deal you were checking out yesterday. I tried it. It works. Go do it if you want to save up on some cash.


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Traveling On A Budget Summary

Fly off-season
Buy plane tickets on a Thursday
Be flexible with dates
Don’t pick a hotel. Look into Airbnb, Couchsurfing, hostels
Don’t eat out
Look for free things to do before-hand


These methods honestly saved me a lot of money. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have been able to travel so much in the past. I will continue to follow these tips in the future. Since I like saving money.


What are your experiences? Have you been following some of these tips already? What are some things you are doing while traveling on a budget that I haven’t mentioned yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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