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Jesus Christ taught that the second great commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. A non-Christian version of this would be the Golden Rule, “Do unto others the way you would have them do unto you.”

We often try to put these into practice in our lives. There are so many blog posts and articles about there about not judging others, equality, etc.That’s not what this post is about. This is about the reverse. A neighbor is defined as “one living or located another.” Who lives the closest to us? Ourselves! We are our own neighbor, and we need to start treating ourselves like it!

Let me explain: you may have heard of Serena Williams the last couple of weeks. You know, the tennis player? She had a baby less than a year ago (and by all accounts, it was a pretty traumatic birth with multiple surgeries and bedrest for 6 weeks afterwards), and she just played her first tennis match. She lost (although it was pretty close), but still, she was out there! And those of us who have had children look at her and think, “Oh geez, wow, you go girl!” and instead of noticing she lost, we think of how amazing she is that she’s even back out there at all!


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Stop comparing yourself to others

The same should apply to ourselves. We are so incredibly hard on ourselves. We constantly compare ourselves to others. To feel like we aren’t measuring up. Even those we KNOW aren’t perfect, but still wish we could be like. And sure, we hear things like, “don’t compare your weaknesses to their strengths” but are we really doing that?

And what about when something USED to be a strength but is now our weakness because of our circumstances? As we get older, we develop health problems, we have kids, and we start to just wear down in general. I used to hike and camp and fish and work out a lot. In college I was taking 17 credits, worked 3 part-time jobs.

However, now I have two kids and a chronic illness that has admitted me to the hospital almost 40 times in the last six years! It is so hard to look around and think, “Man, this is definitely not how I envisioned myself as an adult.” I was going to have a bunch of kids, make homemade dinners at night, give service at church, and so much more! Now, I’m lucky if I just get a shower!

Love yourself like you love your friends

We need to remember that we need to love ourselves the way we would love our neighbor. If we’re going applaud Serena for playing the game and ignore the fact that she didn’t win, then we need to do that to ourselves. If you saw your friend with your pain, your life, etc., what grace would you extend to her? And give yourself permission to give yourself that same grace.

Tiffany thank you so much for sharing your story with us! -herprettybravesoul