When I first started my blog about two months ago I was thinking of what I could possibly blog about and what interests me the most. At first, I decided to include the fashion niché. I was determined. Wanted to write about the latest fashion trends. Bought myself magazines for inspiration. But the thing is. I don’t care about fashion THAT much. By no means will I ever be a fashion blogger anyways. I don’t define myself through fashion. What I do like is making great deals online. I love hunting for awesome deals. But am I making a difference in the world by hunting for the best sales? No.

Why I said goodbye to the fashion niché

This is exactly one of the main reasons what I want my blog to be. I do want to make a difference in the world. I want to empower women. I want to make them feel great about themselves. And that’s exactly why I decided to say goodbye to the fashion niché. That’s not a place for me.

I have had a blog before. In this blog, I wrote about mental health and mental health only. It’s important to me to raise more awareness on depression and anxiety. I want to break the stigma of mental health. Mental illnesses that are not being taken seriously in today’s world. Mental illnesses that are still seen as unimportant.

Because mental health is anything but unimportant

Mental Health is important.

Mental Health matters.

Mental Health is real.

Mental Health means that you are not alone.


Did you know that treatment is available but it isn’t being used? (Source: WHO).

About one in four people suffer from mental health in some form. One in four people. Just think about it. It could be your next-door neighbor, your classmate, your co-worker. If you feel like your classmate seems a little off track ask that person how they are doing but listen carefully. Don’t accept an “I’m fine.” Because chances are that there’s more behind an “I’m fine.” “I’m fine could” could also mean “Help me.”

Listen. Offer help. Let them know they are not alone.

A couple of days ago I posted this on my Instagram:

In return, I got a comment from an Instagram account named “shopsundae” asking me to check out her Kickstarter campaign. In that campaign, she was talking about how she wanted to create pins in order to raise more awareness on mental health. And let me say this: I fell absolutely in love with her pins and I’m beyond excited that her campaign got funded in time. I love people that take action through art or whatever source to raise more awareness on mental health. I can’t wait to support more people like her.

With that being said I am determined to break the stigma and to raise more awareness on mental health. Because I know what it’s like.