Today I’m talking about why decluttering your closet is good for you. In my previous post “How to declutter 101 + free pdf checklist” I gave you an insight of how you can declutter your closet. And how that also involves getting rid of old shoes and bags. If you haven’t checked that out yet, you can do it here. And if you are a freebie and checklist lover like me also make sure to stop by to get your free checklist! YAY! But let’s move on and find out why decluttering is good for you, shall we?

Why decluttering is good for you

  • Decluttering frees your soul

This kind of sounds a little weird but really that is what it does. Once I was done decluttering my closet I felt free, relieved and it felt like I can breathe better. I also talked about that in my previous post.

  • Decluttering can bring in some extra cash

I mean, look at all of the things you have. Do you really need 3 grey cardigans?  6 white shirts? Will you ever wear that one blouse that has been sitting in your closet for two years now that still has the tag on? I don’t think you will. Because to be honest you never really liked that piece anyways. You just wanted to buy it for the heck of it. I know, because we all have been there.

So instead of leaving literally money in your closet, you could sell your pieces and make some extra cash! YAY!

  • Decluttering helps you help a good cause

If you don’t want to sell your clothes, you can also just donate them! Homeless shelters, the salvation army, goodwill, indigo rescue are a few charities to name.

I actually am donating my clothes to a German charity since I’m based in Germany. In case some German readers are reading this right now, this is where my clothes went: Deutsche Kleiderstiftung. (not sponsored) But no matter where you are from in the world I encourage you to donate your clothes.

  • Decluttering your wardrobe makes life easier

Now that you have cut the amount of clothes in half you have a better overview of what’s in your closet.

  • Decluttering helps you stay organized

Say goodbye to “I have nothing to wear” days since you have only key pieces in your wardrobe. It saves you from tears, desperation, and drama.

  • Decluttering helps you in the morning

How many times have I stood in front of my closet knowing I only have 5 minutes left to get ready but yet again I have left the house 10 minutes later than expected because I couldn’t decide what to wear. Decluttering makes life easier in the morning. For example, you could put one complete outfit on a hanger. And let’s say you are feeling business-y today. So all you need to do is grab the hanger and put on the clothes. And your worries about what you should wear today are gone!

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To sum it up, decluttering is good for you because

  • it frees your soul
  • it can bring in some extra  cash
  • it helps you help a good cause
  • it makes your life easier
  • It helps you stay organized
  • it helps you in the morning

Let’s all declutter our lives!

What are some of your experiences? I wanna know 🙂

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