To be honest: I don’t really have a new years resolution. But with the beginning of the new year, I am trying to change my way of living a bit. That’s why I started with my closet.

I’m also thinking of dipping my toes into untested waters like eating less meat, producing less waste, welcoming hygge in life, switching my apartment into a more Scandinavian type of apartment..etc etc.

Moreover, I want to be more successful, I want to achieve more in life, I want to live more and I want to practice more self-care. The latter is especially that one thing that I neglected the most over the past two years.

On the first Saturday of 2018, I decided to make the first step by cleaning out my closet. I turned on a semi-funny girl movie and just went full throttle with it.

That’s right. I said goodbye to some of my clothes!

How did I start?

I didn’t really have a strategy. In all honesty, I ended up throwing all of my clothes onto my bed. What followed next was a little like going through tinder on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Pile left = goodbye, Pile right = I’m gonna keep ya.

The result:

Approximately about 12 pieces or so ended up on the goodbye pile. And what can I say? It felt sooo good! The feeling I had is hard to describe. It’s kind of like I can breathe more. I felt relieved. Even free you could say. Find out here my 6 reasons why I think decluttering your closet is good for you.

If you want to know how you can declutter your closet as well keep on reading because I down below I’m talking about a few steps you can consider.

PS: Make sure to read until the end to grab your free 2 pages pdf checklist or just skip to the bullet points if you are short on time and then grab your free2 pages pdf checklist!

In the middle of the process. Notice how I casually have my Nintendo switch laying around haha

How to declutter your closet

Focus on key pieces

It’s okay to have 2-3 black shirts. But if you have like 5-6 that look similar too, ask yourself if you really need all of the 6 black shirts. Ideally, you should have between 30-40 pieces in your closet that you can mix and match with.


If you want to be really serious about it, section your wardrobe by color. This reminds me of my grandma because she actually does it. Or you could do it like so as you can see on the picture. It’s a simple hack on how to have more space in your closet as well.

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Say goodbye to the old pieces you once loved

WHAT?! Yes, I mean it. But here’s why.

So there’s this one turquoise colored shirt I liked wearing a lot. Like a lot lot. But over the past two years, I barely had it on. We all change. And so does our taste in fashion. Even if this one particular piece was once a piece you LOVED wearing a lot but is now just taking up space in your closet. Get.Rid.Of.It.

Ask yourself questions

And this seems a little tough maybe. But when going through your closet ask yourself questions like “Do I really need that piece?”, “Have I ever felt comfortable in this piece?”, “Will I actually wear it?” “Does it make me feel AH-Mazing?”

If you can answer these questions with a clear no or if you are even contemplating about keeping them, follow your gut and say goodbye. Deep down the road you know it’s a no, honey.

Be brutally honest

With ALL…I mean ALL of your clothes. Shirts, jeans, hoodies, even bras, socks, shoes, bags… you name it.

The less you have. The better you feel.

Maybe Pile

Okay, okay. Maybe this is all a little too much for you. Maybe, you actually need that “maybe pile”.

But here’s what you can do with the pieces that ended up on that pile. Don’t ask yourself how it makes you look but how it makes you FEEL. Because that’s a major difference. That one pair of boyfriend jeans won’t make you feel sexy? Bye Felipe but you.are.out!

And here’s the thing

So I know this is can be quite overwhelming and I want to make sure you are doing okay. But I believe in you. You got this and you can do this!!

Sooo-Take a deep breath. All I’m saying is “Shoes” and “Bags”. Yuup. You heard me. “Shoes” and “Bags”.

I personally haven’t done it yet but that’s because I didn’t focus on it yet. Not because I don’t want to do it. Simply because I haven’t yet. But go through shoes and bags as well. Yet again ask yourself questions like:  Are they in great condition? Do they match your new wardrobe? You know the drill, girl.


Have a moment to yourself

Look at the pile of clothes that didn’t find their way back into your closet. Look how organized your closet now is. How do you feel? Relieved? Free? Even if you are still feeling a little stressed. That’s okay.

Take your time

This is not a competition. It doesn’t matter if you finish in one day, in two days or even in two weeks. We all have a busy life and some things just take time. Simply try to gradually declutter more and more. You will be amazed at the results once you are completely done!


So let me sum it up again for you guys

    • Focus on key pieces
    • Sectioning
    • Saying goodbye to old pieces you once loved
    • Ask yourself questions
    • Be brutally honest
    • Maybe Pile
    • Shoes and Bags
  • Have a moment to yourself
  • Take your time

Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak of my free two pages pdf checklist that is waiting for you. Go grab your checklist here: I love checklists!


Now tell me about you. Have you ever decluttered your closet before? How did it make you feel? What are you going to do with the clothes that you sorted out?

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