Here I have put together a list of where you can find the Best Boxing Day Fashion Sale Finds. But what is “Boxing Day” you may think?

Let me tell you a story:

Because when I first stumbled upon the term “Boxing Day” I thought that some kind of boxing event as in a boxing fight was coming up. So I stopped paying attention. To be honest, I only care about boxing when Manny Pacquiao is scoring another win. But while scrolling through instagram I saw Sarah Hyland from Modern Family also using the term.

So I was like…Waaait. What is this all about?

Once I googled it I found myself in sale heaven and I sure love me some gooood bargain huntin’! Especially when I can make really good deals! And if you are familiar with Black Friday and Super Saturday, Boxing Day is for you, too!

Apparently “Boxing Day” is a national bank holiday in the UK and in Ireland. Whereas in Ireland it’s called Saint Stephen’s Day. Boxing Day sales start on December 26th and usually lasts all the way through January. Although it can differ from brand to brand.

Pro Fact:

It is also being celebrated in countries like China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland and a few others.

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Back to the Boxing Day origin

We don’t really know where the term actually originates from since the term brings many different possible stories.

In the UK, for example, tradesmen collected “Christmas boxes” of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year.

In European tradition, boxes were placed in places of worship like churches etc in order to collect and to donate to the poor.

In South Africa however, Boxing Day tradition meant that milkmen or garbagemen had to knock on the doors of the people they served to ask them for a “christmas box”. That christmas box usually contained a little bit of extra money. Either a week before or after christmas.

As you can see describing the term Boxing Day seems to be a little complicated. What was once a day well spend with families is now a day of going bargain hunting. But if you are like me and you don’t like crowded cities and all the hassle involved, you can also find great deals online. While sitting in your favorite pj’s.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy my personal favorites that I have put down below on where you can find the best Boxing Day fashion sale finds!


Please note, that none of the links are affiliate links. So if you do place an order I won’t get any commission on them. It is just something I wanted to share with you.

Also, I am not in charge of the validity of the offers. Meaning all links posted were valid that day and maybe even a week after the post. If you come here after a month or so since publishing this post, chances are that all offers are invalid. But don’t be sad, I’m sure the next sale is already around the corner!


But enough with the talking, and let’s start shopping!!


Sale till January 2nd


If you still want to shop at Nordstrom but don’t want to spend that much money, at Nordstromrack you will find even better deals!

Stella & Dot


If you use the code 0040 on US orders, shipment will be for free. Use code 1234 if you are in Germany for free shipping.

Lucky Brand

Up to 75 % off and free shipping on orders of $ 50

Dress Up

They seriously have so many cute scarves. It makes me want to buy all of them!


Sale up to 50 % off


Also up to 50 % off


Up to 60 % off


Boohoo really has some beautiful clothing for all kinds of women. Up to 70 % off. Use code EXTRA to get an additional 20 % off!


Up to 50 % off


Up to 70 % off. 70 per cent, you guys!

Rue21 – US ONLY

I was really in love with their clothing that I found online, but unfortunately, this is a US ONLY store. Up to 70 % off plus free shipping on orders of $ 50.


Up to 60 % off. Use code “slayit” for some extra 50 % off. Yes, I sad 50 %! Also free shipping on orders over $ 50 AND free returns.

Skin care products


So, a lot of girls love Sephora and to this day I’m not one of them. But that’s because I’m not THAT MUCH into makeup. Yes, I said that. However, Sephora got you covered with their up to 50 % off sale!

The Body Shop

Bath and Body Works

Up to 75 % off.




If you want some beautiful Scandinavian styled posters on your wall, Desenio is your go-to place. Up to 30 % off on posters.


So that’s it! I hope you were able to make some great deals. Do you know of any special sales that I haven’t mentioned yet? Or are you a bargain hunter like me?

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