Let’s be honest.

We love being lazy and if we could we would be lazy all the time, right? But we can’t. I mean, we CAN but it won’t bring us far in life. So instead of being lazy, we have to be productive.

I don’t know about you but a lot of times I find myself struggling with my productiveness. On some days I can be really productive and I do get a lot of things done. These are the days I feel super proud of myself. On other days I wish I wouldn’t have to adult.

So I started to find ways on how to be more productive. The following hacks have been really helpful to me and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

Let’s all be a little more productive starting today!

  • Hack 1

     Make a weekly schedule

There are many options on how you can make one. You can write it down in a more traditional way, you can create one with simple programs like word, excel or even canva if you want to have a really pretty schedule. Maybe you are even bullet journaling? There are many alternatives to do make a schedule. I prefer using canva for different reasons. A) You can choose from many different ready-made templates, you can choose many different fonts, it provides you with stock photos, icons, and many other things. B)Since I’m more of a procrastinator I at least would like to write down my schedule on something pretty in hopes a  pretty schedule will motivate me more. #psychology PS: signing up for canva is for free and you can use it for free, too!

Having your chores visually in front of you helps you recognize what’s on your to-do list. That way it’s more likely that you will stick to the schedule and be more productive. Making a schedule also leads us to the next hack

  • Hack 2

      Be consistend

So if you have already created a schedule then that’s awesome! Now it’s all about the routine. Articles say that it takes you 21 days until something new becomes a habit. So make sure that you stick to your routine. Even on days when you don’t feel like doing it. Stick to it and wonders will do its work for you!

  • Hack 3


Reschedule the things you couldn’t accomplish during the week and write them on your next week’s schedule. It’s as simple as that.

Picture by Jessica Thames from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/abbildung-buro-computer-daten-332825/
  • Hack 4

      Eliminate distractions

And I know that this might be a tough one. With social media platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram we get easily distracted. We could scroll down on our news feeds hour after hour. “Just two more minutes” is what we tell ourselves. But who’s seriously putting their phone down after two minutes? I certainly don’t….  Let me make a quick shout out to all of those who can actually put their phone down! 😀 You are one step ahead of us.

  • Hack 5

      Stop procrastinating

Which makes a lot of sense once you start eliminating distractions. I love to procrastinate and sometimes I really have to force myself to stop procrastinating. *sighs*

  • Hack 6

      Get dressed

“Get dressed?? What the F….k, Chantal?!” Yes, get dressed and trick your mind. I love staying in my pj’s. I could stay in them all day. Sometimes I even do. It’s my favorite wardrobe at home. But if you want to be productive you want to get in the mood. And your wardrobe helps a lot.

Let’s say you want to clean the house today but you are probably going to stay in your pj’s all day. Chances are that you won’t get it done. But if you change into clothes other than your pj’s chances are that you will clean the house today. Give it a try and you will be amazed! Trust me. Been there, done that.


Pro Tip: Clean one specific area each day for just 10 mins a day and it will reward you with a clean space and more free-time where you can do whatever you love doing the most! You are welcome!


Now it’s your turn!

Are you a procrastinator like me or do you like to get things done?
What are your hacks? What’s your motivation?

Leave a comment below and feel free to share